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30 Song Starters ( for Songwriters who are 'stuck' )

Most songwriters have LOTS of ideas for songs, and the reason they aren't writing songs isn't USUALLY for lack of ideas of what to write about. Most of the time the problem is more likely they are struggling with how to bring the vision in their heads to life in song. Often, it's the perfectionism within them that just won't let them finish a song because it's not "perfect" (although no song ever is). Sometimes it's because they've written themselves into a lyrical corner and can't find a word that rhymes with "purple", and feel like they can't change that without re-writing the whole song....

However, sometimes we songwriter types feel stuck. The last 10 songs were about this girl, Elsinore, and every time we start to write something, she keeps taking over our thoughts. We desperately need to think about something else to write about, because, well, we're starting to seem a little stalkerish creepy.... So, for those times you may feel like you're stuck in a rut, and need something to inspire your muse, here are a few ideas:


  1. You broke up with someone but wish you hadn't

  2. You haven't broken up with someone but know you should

  3. Someone broke up with you and you realize you're glad they did

  4. Someone broke up with you and you're crushed

  5. You saw someone from afar and fell in love with them

  6. You tell a story about your childhood

  7. You tell a story about a friend

  8. You tell about meeting someone and wanting to know them

  9. You tell the story of someone who is misunderstood (you, or someone else)

  10. You tell the story of someone who was heroic

  11. You tell about a real event

  12. You tell about the feelings of a fictional character ( either one you made up or a well known fictional character)

  13. You tell about someone who has been in the news

  14. A major event that has occurred in the world

  15. A major event that has occurred in your life

  16. Something you hope for, dream for or aspire to

  17. Your hometown, or the neighborhood where you grew up, and what it means to you

  18. Believing in yourself and who you can be

  19. How you were blindsided by something or someone

  20. How important the people in your life are to you

  21. Something that is an important value

  22. A parent's advice to a child

  23. A parent's confession

  24. A child's feelings about a parent or a parental figure

  25. The relationship between siblings

  26. About a holiday - major or minor or even personal holidays

  27. Use an existing song as your launch point... tell the story from a different viewpoint.

  28. Write about a food item, an inanimate object, or a pet.

  29. Write a song imagining life from a different perspective than your own.

  30. Write a song that you'd be embarrassed to sing in front of your family.

Looking for more ideas? There are lots of books on Amazon to give you more help. Check these out..


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