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7 Day Songwriter's Challenge - Day 3

As the journey continues with this challenge, I found myself going down a different road with today's song. Although this song speaks "to" someone, it's not a song about love or personal relationships... it's one of 'songs with a hidden meaning', and a much different 'style' than my typical song. With this song I let the 'rocker' in me out a bit, and took a very classic rock 'say what you want to say without spelling it out' kind of approach.

I will leave it to listeners to decide what the meaning of the song is, but here's is my day 3 offering for the songwriting challenge, 'Only Door 3', which calls to mind the 'Let's Make a Deal' tv game show, where contestants often had to choose a door, without knowing what lay behind it....

If you are participating in this challenge, I'd really love to see/hear/read what you're coming up witih. Share!

-♫ M ♫-

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