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7 Day Songwriter's Challenge - Day 5

I'm a romantic. Many of my songs are about love, or some aspect of it: finding it, being in it, feeling it fading, losing or having lost it. One aspect of love that sometimes we are hesitant to talk and sing about is what happens when one or both of the lovers die. As I grow older, although I certainly hope I have many years left ahead of me, I do become more aware of mortality. As a child and young adult, I felt invincible and immortal - all of life was ahead. As the years slip by, and others I knew and were close to have died, it takes some of that sense of immortality away, and makes life more precious and valuable.

It also tends to make the romantic in me think of love as a force that will survive death - that will keep going, keep pulling those who share it together. Those kind of thoughts led to my song for today, "I Will Wait For You." It's a love song, and while it doesn't mention dying, it does imply that death is or will be occurring. However, "I Will Wait For You" isn't intended to be a sad song, but rather an anthem of hope and promise of love that embodies what we mean when we tell someone "I will love you forever"...

-♫ M ♫-

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