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7 Day Songwriter's Challenge - Day 7 ( and recap )

Today brings me to the end of my 7 day challenge to write a song every day for 7 days. When I started, I hoped to write a song all of the 7 days, but wrote that I would consider it a "success" if I managed to get 5 songs written in the 7 days. As it turns out, I have managed to get a song written each day. I wouldn' t say all of them are masterpieces by any means, but all have challenged me in a different way, and I think have given me a greater depth in some ways.

Today's offering is no different. You never know where you will find inspiration for a song. I found the inspiration for today's song while eating breakfast at a local cafe. The name of the cafe is "Neighborhood Cafe", and as I sat there looking around at the people seated around the room, it dawned on me that this wasn't just a room of people eating breakfast. We are often warned not to 'eat our problems', because we often do take 'comfort' in eating something that reminds of us the good times in our lives. I realized that while I could look around at the faces of my fellow diners, I couldn't see the struggles they were going through, but in a room full of people it's certain there are many who are fighting to keep their heads above water emotionally.

So, the thoughts for this song began to come to me as I looked around the room and saw the faces of the people there...when I got home, I picked up my ukelele (yes, I said ukelele), and wrote this song. So, here's "It's A Beautiful Day At The Neighborhood Cafe"..

While I think this exercise and challenge has enhanced my songwriting range a bit, I don't think I could do it every day, all the time. It's hard to find time to fit writing, recording and posting a song a day in with all the "regular" activity that has to fit into life. But it has been fun, and I do hope those who read this, who are songwriters, or perhaps poets/lyricists, might consider trying this challenge yourself. If so, I would love to read/hear your results!

While I have made a blog post for each day/song during this 7 day challenge, here are the previous 6 days' songs, for those who might like to just listen to them, without reading the accompanying posts..

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-♫ M ♫-

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