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Fathers' Day: What Song Reminds You of Your Dad?

For my Fathers' Day blog this year, I asked for readers to share a song that reminded them of their father, and several responded. Here are songs they chose, and why..

Name: Nene

Song: Here For A Good Time

Artist: Trooper

Why it reminds you of your father: This is one of the many songs Dad used to sing and play on the guitar. My parents were heavy into jamming sessions with their friends, and our house, camping, on the boat, at the beaches, was almost always accompanied with their

music. It's really not so easy to pick just ONE song, I suppose I chose this one because, life is so very fragile, and has no guarantees or promises. "He said, we're here for a good time, not a long time. So have a good time. The sun can't shine everyday." ... just touches the heart, because his time with us was so short, but he made the sun shine every day that he was alive. ♥


Name: Gracie

Song: Daddy's Girl

Artist: Red Sovine

Why it reminds you of your father: My dad would twirl me around in his arms singing along to this song. When I hear it I remember him and that time.


Name: Novaleigh Freng (Nova chose 2 songs)

Song 1: Butterfly Kisses

Artist: Bob Carlisle

Why it reminds you of your father: This song just has a special place in my heart. It's just got such a strong emotional pull no matter which perspective you look at it from. (The video for this song is displayed later in this post)

Song 2: He Didn't Have To Be

Artist: Brad Paisley

Why it reminds you of your father: This is probably the one song I think of when I think

of the man who actually raised me. I have almost no relationship with my biological father or my adoptive father. The man I refer to as my dad actually married my mom when I was about nine years old. He's been there for me and my brothers ever since, even though he and my mom divorced years ago. They're still friends, too. He came into this situation with a single mother and three kids and he just accepted all of it with a smile and decided we were family from day one. To me, that's what counts. Not blood. We'd have karaoke nights, and when this song would come up I used to try and slip in a few subtle lyric changes. To this day every time I hear it I think of him and all that he did for us.


Name: Robert Sandler (Rusty)

Song: A Taste of Honey

Artist: Herb Alpert & the Tijuana Brass

Why it reminds you of your father: When I was little, I'd have to hang around my Dad's

store on the nights that my Mom had to work. My Dad had this cool record player that had this Herb Albert song on a 45 that he played over and over. I remember my Dad working behind the counter, whistling along. The ultimate earworm, I've hummed this damn song for maybe 55 years now. Miss my Dad


Name: Starbright Wonder

Song: On The Road Again

Artist: Willie Nelson

Why it reminds you of your father: He loved the song, but always got the words wrong. He would Sing, "Down the road I go." It would make me laugh, so now when I hear it, it brings a smile to my face and memories of traveling with him.


Name: Dienna Slater

Song: Trailers for Sale or Rent (King of the Road)

Artist: Roger Miller

Why it reminds you of your father: It was his fav. I remember driving in the car very young, He would blast it!


Name: Elmon D. Ohlhausen Jr.

Song: Daddy's Hands

Artist: Holly Dunn

Why it reminds you of your father: The Lyrics


Name: Kelyren Benoir

Song: Butterfly Kisses

Artist: Bob Carlisle

Why it reminds you of your father: It was his favorite song ... obviously because of how it reminded him of me.


Name: Marqs DeSade

Song: The Living Years

Artist: Mike & the Mechanics

Why it reminds you of your father: My father passed away when I was 16. I suppressed my grief for a long time. Years later, driving home, this song came on the radio and I had to pull to the side of the road as I listened to it because I couldn't see through the tears. It reminds me of my father because I have always wished that I could have known him when I was an adult and could let him know how much I loved him and appreciated the sacrifices he made. I just wish I could have told him, in the living years..


Thank you for those who shared!

Happy Fathers' Day to those fatherly types out there!

-♫ M ♫-