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Get Your ( Musical ) Motor Runnin'!!

Welcome to Music is Passion!, my blog about music.. creating it, performing it, sharing it..discovering it. If it's related to music, it's fair game for this blog. I have a passion for music. I have since I was just a kid. When I was 6 years old my neighbor would tell my mother I was standing out near the school bus stop, making up and singing my own songs.

When I turned 11, my older brother gave me a guitar for my birthday. That literally rocked my world!

Like Bryan Adams, I played 'til my fingers bled'

I played from the time I woke up til I had to leave the house to go to school, and then when I got home, I was playing again. Bryan Adams talks about getting his first guitar in his song 'The Summer of '69', declaring that he 'played it til my fingers bled'. I so identify with that part of the song. It was (and is) a passion of mine.

By the time I was 14, I was playing in bands, writing songs, and hanging around people who were excited about music. I also spent hours in a local recording studio, laying down tracks, and getting to hear my music in 'studio quality' recordings. That was incredibly exciting for a teenage boy who was obsessed with music! The recording studio went out of business when the owner developed a chronic illness, and I didn't have the presence of mind to ask for copies of those recordings. I **sooo** wish I had copies of those early songs.

Adulthood and being 'Responsible'..

After high school I went to college, met a girl, got married and had to become 'responsible', so my music had to be put on hold. I continued to play in a band for awhile, until the schedule interfered with the responsibilities of being a husband and father. Then my music was truly relegated to being a 'hobby'. I would pick up my guitar from time to time and write a song here and there; provide entertainment for gatherings of friends, sing for weddings, but there would be long periods where my guitar would be gathering dust, because I just didn't have time to play.

Rediscovering my passion

Fast forward a few years.. my children had grown up and moved out to explore their own worlds; my wife and I went our separate paths as well. I began to find more time to enjoy music once again, although it was still difficult to squeeze in as much time as I sometimes wanted, and I didn't have as many opportunities to share my music with others as I once had. Then, thanks to the power of the internet, and the technology of online virtual worlds, I found a new avenue for expressing my music. Beginning in late 2013/early 2014, I began to do virtual concerts in the online virtual world, SecondLife, and found an audience that was truly international in scope, and receptive to my music.

Over the past 5 + years, I have written many new songs, performed for thousands of people, done multiple shows per week, and gotten to indulge my passion more than I ever had before! As I launch this blog, my goal is not just to share music, but to share the passion for music.. hearing it, creating it, sharing it.. with others who are also passionate about music.

Some of my music is accessible on this site. I am starting to grow the online presence of my music, so more will be forthcoming, both here and in other channels as well. I hope you'll take a listen/look when you can.

What's Your Story?

This blog is about music.. not just my music, but OUR music. Share your story in the comments. Tell me what makes you tick, musically speaking. What are you doing with your music now? Where is your outlet? How do you share your music, both on and off line. And if you're not a musician, tell me what you listen to, where you find the music you love, and what kind of music excites you! -Marqs

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