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In the Spotlight: Cassie Magic

Cassie hails from the Texas Gulf coast, and is an avid music lover in and out of SecondLife. I mostly see Cassie early on Sunday mornings at Still Streaming Sundays, and she always seems to have a positive, upbeat outlook. Here's a few things she had to say about her earliest memories of music and what she listens to now.

MDS: What are some of your earliest memories of music in your life?

Cassie: Earliest memories of music for me are from church and my step dad. He would rather sing than speak lol

MDS: Who were the performers or songs that you remember most vividly loving to listen to when you were in your youth?

Cassie: Pink Floyd, Lynyrd Skynyrd, ZZ Top, The Beatles, Hank Williams Jr, Jonny Cash, Patsy Cline, Loretta Lynn, Aretha Franklin, Roberta Flack, Stevie Ray Vaughn, Elvis, the Beach Boys, Journey, Queen, Prince, Cindy Lauper, Rush, David Bowie, Billy Idol, Depeche Mode, George Straight, Randy Travis, Phil Collins, omg i could go on and on here. these are the ones that came ta mind easily hehehehe

MDS: Were there any memorable live music events you attended?

Cassie: Houston Rodeo- got to meet n have dinner with Charlie Pride and his family, saw George Straight idk how many times. Bangles was the first concert i went to without a parent hehehe. Danced on the beach next to a club i was not old enough ta get into to listen to ZZ Top. hahaha Got in so much trouble for that one but it was SO worth it hahaha.

The ones that stick in my heart are all the times my step dad was part of the local opera company's productions and when we sang as a family at churches, nursing homes, hospitals, and every year at the hometown fair.

MDS: These days, who are some of the performers/songs you enjoy listening to and what is it about them you like?

Cassie: omg this is mood dependent lol Nickelback when i need ta be energized. Today my fav of theirs is Gotta Get me Some lol ,

Home Free when im in the mood for smooth perfect harmony, Cindy Lauper old n new when i want ta dance cause we all know Girls just want to have fun :P,

Los Lonley Boys Velvet Sky cause wow that song speaks to me, blue on black kenny wayne shepherd or shinedowns cover of the same, black crowes - she talks to angels, again i could go on n on here hehehe

MDS: Who are some of your favorite performers in SecondLife?

Cassie: Jeff Kohn always high energy lol luv when he sings Cry Little Sister, You, luv your originals, Gandalf, that man can make anyone smile, Bono cause OMG he can play, Mavenn luv when she sings the Blues she has the voice for it, Toxie same thing the lady can sing the Blues, Chicagosax when he plays u feel it, Lazarus he reminds us all music does not have to be perfect to have meaning, Velvet Rose luv the way she reminds me music can be healing, n last on this list but not least Randyb Magic his voice makes me melt and when he sings Tennessee Whiskey i almost cry.

MDS: Have you attended a concert or live music performance recently?

Cassie: the symphony at the Grand Opera House on Galveston Island it was beautiful music in an awe inspiring venue.

Historic Grand Opera House - Galveston Island, Texas

MDS: What would you tell performers, if you could tell them how to make the experience better for listeners?

Cassie: It would be my wish for all performers real life or SecondLife that they can relax and enjoy their own talents. Honestly I'm in awe of anyone brave enough to put themselves out there like that. When a performer is happy is comes through the music and spreads to their audience.

Thank you, Cassie, for taking the time to share your musical history and thoughts about music!

Anyone who would like to participate in our 'Spotlight' blogs, whether a performer or fan, please email me at .

-♫ M ♫-

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