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In the spotlight: Duskyrose Deir

I'm not sure when I first met Duskyrose, because I've seen her around the SecondLife grid music scene almost as long as I've been a part of it. Duskyrose is heavily involved in

"One night I dropped in on Edward Lowell, Bat Masters, & KevinMThomas playing at Streaming Falls. I never left." - Duskyrose Deir

SecondLife music, and she says, "I came into Second Life to play spades with my friends when that virtual world closed. One night I dropped in on Edward Lowell, Bat Masters, & KevinMThomas playing at Streaming Falls. I never left."

Duskyrose is now the Manager of Streaming Falls, and also manages live performers

Edward Lowell, JimStewart Rain, Capos Calderwood, Icecremn Merlin and DanDanDoritoMan. She is on Staff for DimiVan Ludwig, BRFireman, KevinMthomas Carpool, and is Executive Director for Still Streaming Sundays at Streaming Falls. Duskrose lives in southeastern Minnesota, USA.

I caught up with Duskyrose recently, and she shared a bit about her musical journey and the music she listens to and likes.

MDS: What are some of your earliest memories of music in your life?

DRD: I had a nice 45 collection with my fold up record player. Yes I’m that old . But my

real love of music came when I discovered live theater and Musicals. Guys and Dolls, Fiddler on The Roof, West Side Story just to name a few.

MDS: Who were the performers or songs that you remember most vividly loving to listen to when you were in your youth?

DRD: When everyone else was collecting Beatles Albums, I was loving The Monkees.

And I still have Tapestry by Carol King which will remain a prized possession.

MDS: Were there any memorable live music events you attended?

DRD: I still have Karen and Richard Carpenters’ autographs, not sure how that happened.

And 3 Dog Night was weed laden, loud rock it out night.

MDS: These days, who are some of the performers/songs you enjoy listening to, and what is it about them you like?

DRD: I really love Blues/Rock. I think I have all the Joe Bonamassa CD’s. He and Beth Hart make up most of my purchases

although I did just download some great new jazz, Structuralism by Mist. I mostly have a jazz stream running at my SecondLife house.

MDS: Who are some of your favorite performers in SecondLife?

DRD: Wow, this question would get most of us in trouble. Edward Lowell has that ability to make any song sound like it was written for you. MrMulti Writer, the most underappreciated musician in SecondLife. “Mic” plays several instruments, is a prolific writer of great tunes and avoids that pitfall of having them sound the same. Icecremn Merlin has a totally unique sound and when he’s in the zone, it’s perfection. Capos Calderwood ,of course arguably, the best guitar picker in SecondLife. Gandalf who is always full of energy. Hojo Warf, who makes everyone sound better with his fiddle. Marqs DeSade is one of those musicians that can make you hear a song you’ve heard forever…for the first time. That’s a rare talent. I could go on and on here. What can I say, I’m addicted to the live music in Second Life. It’s what I log in for.

MDS: Have you attended a concert or live music performance recently outside of SecondLife?

DRD: I’ve only gone to live local music venues. It’s fun, they have a good time and so do I. That’s what it’s all about.

MDS: What's something you as a fan think would make the listening experience better for those who come to listen to performers that is not usually done?

DRD: Actually, I am doing it. Still Streaming Sundays was an idea I had to bring back

music on Sunday mornings. I loved Guthrie’s , and missed music and friends with Sunday morning coffee. But I wanted to change things up so I decided to book every Sunday with different musicians. This gives more musicians a chance to play to a different audience, not make a long term commitment, and we encourage original music. We try to keep it all acoustic, and make an effort to add new people every session. We do 6 am every other Sunday and 7 & 8 am every Sunday for 8 to 10 weeks then take a couple weeks off to regenerate.

MDS: Thank you, Duskyrose, for participating in our spotlight!


Anyone who would like to participate in our 'Spotlight' blogs, whether a performer or fan, please email me at .

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