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In the Spotlight: SYD

I'd seen SYD around the music scene in SecondLife for awhile but we got to know each better when we found out we both live in the Kansas City, Missouri area, and have lived

fairly close to one another before as well. SYD took a few moments to share some of her musical journey.

MDS: What are some of your earliest memories of music in your life?

SYD: Music has always been a HUGE passion for me. Even when I was very young. My earliest memories are of singing in the car on long trips to pass the time. I would drive my mother crazy. lol

MDS: I can identify with that. Who were the performers or songs that you remember most vividly loving to listen to when you were in your youth?

SYD: There were so many and such a variety of genres from America to Waylon and even some 'easy listening' and classical. One of my favorites when I was young was The Music

Box Dancer instrumental by Frank Mills. Like a lot of people, music was my go to place, my soothing spot.

MDS: Were there any memorable live music events you attended?

SYD: I didn't attend my first 'concert' unless I was in it in either the school choir or band until I was in my 20's. My very first was an outdoor annual event and the performers were Sawyer Brown and Ricky Skaggs

MDS: What music do you listen to now?

SYD: My taste in music is still just as wide in genre. I love ALL of them and have favorites in each one.

MDS: Who are some of your favorite performers in SecondLife?

SYD: Aaron Cabbott Jones is a fav of mine. I've kind of watched / listened as he is getting more popular here in SL and am not surprised at all that his group is growing. He is a very

'classic' rocker and blows the covers out of the park. He has also written his own songs, American Jesus is the most recent, I believe. He's very talented.

MDS: Have you attended a concert or live music performance outside of SecondLife recently?

SYD: Unfortunately I have not been able to attend a real life concert in a very long while.

MDS: Do you have any suggestions for performers to make the experience for listeners more enjoyable?

SYD: I think all the performers do everything perfectly in their own way. :)

MDS: Thank you, SYD, for taking time to share part of your musical experience!

If you would be interested in sharing your musical journey, as a fan or performer, contact me at

-♫ M ♫-

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