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It's Christmas Time!

Yes, it is Christmas time, and for the first time ever I have written a Christmas song,

"A Christmas Lullaby", or a 'songlet' as I prefer to call it (it's only a minute and a half or so long). Because so many have to be apart from family during the holidays this year, the theme of this short and simple Christmas song is that love conquers the distance between us. Here's the video for A Christmas Lullaby.

Along with the release of this song, I have created an EP with a few of my favorite Christmas tunes.

The songs are 'Unplugged' - just me and my guitar. You can find the EP here:

However you celebrate the season, I wish you joy and happiness, as well as health and safety. Keep listening to and making music! I look forward to what 2021 will bring us!


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