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Songwriting Challenge: A Letter to my friend

I'd like to give a challenge to my songwriting friends, or poetic types out there to write a song (or poem) on the theme of 'A Letter to My Friend'. Those words don't have to be the title, nor do they have to be used in the lyrics, but the idea is that we all have friends or

family who are going through difficult times in their lives. It could be they are dealing with loss, or health problems, or challenges with children, family, work, or perhaps they are in an existential crisis.

The old adage of 'write what you know' comes into play here. You know your friend; you know how they are struggling. Maybe the struggles your friend is going through are ones you have gone through yourself. For me, when I am struggling, or coping with life's challenges, I often find refuge in music, and sometimes in songwriting, as a way to verbalize my thoughts and feelings.

The 'A letter to my friend' challenge is to find a way to take what you know about your friend, the struggles he/she is coping with, and trying to use music/poetry as a way to share comfort, encouragement, guidance, whatever you feel your friends needs most from you. Of course I would look forward to reading and/or hearing (for those who put it to music and record it). But this is a challenge where you can take the results and also share it with your friend or family member, and perhaps bring some positive energy to their lives in the time of his/her challenge.

I'd love to post the results as an addendum to this blog post, so I hope you'll share with me, either the lyrics, or perhaps a link to a recording, if you choose to record it. In this way, your song/poem might not only bring encouragement to your friend, but perhaps also to others as well.

-♫ M ♫-

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