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Spire Recording Studio: A recording studio that fits in your hand

Updated: May 8, 2019

The Spire Studio is a portable 8 track recording system that communicates wirelessly with your iOS or Android device. ... with a great built in mic, or plug up to two of your favorite microphones/instruments into the Spire Studio's pre-amps.

This 'fit in your hand or back pack' device, coupled with an app on your iOS or Android smartphone or tablet, is a powerful 8 track recording studio that you can take virtually anywhere.

Love the acoustics in your bathroom? Record your song there with the Spire Studio! Take it on the road with you, out on the deck, in your car, wherever you want to be able to record.

You can plug in up to two devices, including microphones that require phantom power, guitars, keyboards, external sound sources such as your iPad or smartphone. The Spire Studio really lets your imagination run wild with possibilities.

One of the most important things about a recording device is the sound quality, and the Spire Studio delivers. The built in condenser mic provides excellent sound, and you can record everything with just the Spire studio, your app, and whatever instruments/devices you want to use with it (you will also need a headset or ear buds to be able to hear as you layer tracks as well). When you are ready to start a project, you hit the New Song button, and before recording each track, you tap the Soundcheck button and play or sing the loudest part of the track you're about to record, for about 8 seconds. That automatically sets your sound levels so you don't have to worry about clipping, which is a VERY cool feature!

With the app, you can provide some sound effects, and even some amp simulations, as you record, and there are built in abilities for editing as well, such as trimming sections of the track and re-recording partial sections of a track. The app also has a visual mixer, so you can simply drag a track up or down to make it louder or softer, and left or right to pan to left or right channels.

If you collaborate with others who also have Spire Studio, you can export and send the whole project to them, so that they can add their parts to the recording as well. In addition, you can export the song as a single track, or export each of the tracks as individual wav files, which can be imported into any DAW for additional mastering, etc. One thing to remember when exporting the individual tracks is that any mixing you have done in the app goes with the file.. so if you've panned it to the left, that's what you'll get in your file... so returning the files to their default state (which you can do with a tap in the app), allows you to get the track without the changes from mixing.

There's also integration with social media in the app, so you can export directly into places like Facebook and Instagram. I did a quick 4 - track recording on Spire, sitting at my desk in my home office, with just me, my guitar, and what was available to me on my desk... I used the sound effects in Spire, trimmed, mixed and exported directly to YouTube. Track 1 was my guitar and vocals, Track 2 was some additional guitar, Track 3 was vocal harmony, and Track 4 was percussion, using my hand on my desk, and a ruler tapping a pop can! You can hear the results here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9R8meERQFhw

Spire Studio is not a replacement for a sound studio, but it is a great way to be able to get decent 8 track recordings with a relatively small investment, **AND** being able to be extremely mobile, recording pretty much anywhere you want to. I will do a demo of the Spire Studio and add to YouTube as well.

What do you use to record on the go?

Happy recording!


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