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Marqs DeSade

Marqs DeSade started playing guitar when he was 11 years old.  By the time he was 14 he was playing in a band in bars and for private parties. For many years he played in a variety of local bands in the south.  The last few years he has been playing solo.

Since 2014, Marqs has been doing shows regularly in the virtual world of SecondLife.  You'll find him pretty much every week in a few venues, sharing his covers and original tunes with his own unique style.

Marqs has been a songwriter since he began playing.  His songs come from the experiences of life, and most listeners "find themselves" in his songs.  They speak to the feelings and experiences we all share.. love, heartache, joy, loss, life, death..   

Marqs has a passion for music - listening, writing, recording, performing it, and that's what this site is dedicated to.  Music and exploring how to make and share it. 

Get your motor runnin'.. and let's get out on the musical highway!


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