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Kiss Ryder hails from Michigan, along the shores of Lake Michigan, is a music

lover, and can frequently be seen, along with her husband, Flick, attending live music shows in SecondLife. Kiss says, "I've been around the SL music community almost from day one. I began hosting at McCoy Island within 3 weeks of being on SL. Soon after that I began hosting for Angel Galicia and Dougie Moonites. I moved to manage them and their venue for about a year or so. I also managed Rapture Damone for a bit until she stepped away from SL. Along the way I've hosted at other venues: Boondock by the Beach, the Acoustic Abyss and Temptation Falls. Now days you can find me hanging out with my family and my love at Camp Anatine as well as around the grid listening to the great music SL has to offer."

I asked Kiss to share some of her memories and thoughts about music. Here's what she had to say.

MDS: What are some of your earliest memories of music in your life?

Kiss: My earliest memories of music in my life was with my mom. I remember her singing

Puff the Magic Dragon to my brother and I. My mom loved music and always had the radio on whether we were in the house or in the car. She always listened to country music. As I got older, I always tried to change the radio station in the car to rock and roll. I didn't win very often if you can imagine that. :)

MDS: Who were the performers or songs that you remember most vividly loving to listen to when you were in your youth?

Kiss: When I was 6 of 7 I got a record player for Christmas, besides listening to the

children's records, I raided my mom's old 45's. I loved to listen to the The Guitar Man by Bread and I am Woman by Helen Reddy. The very first album I bought was Shaun Cassidy Born Late. Who didn't love Shaun Cassidy in the 70's?

MDS: Were there any memorable live music events you attended?

Kiss: The very first live concert I went to was with my mom. I went with her to a Kenny Rogers concert. She went and stood in line in the middle of night for us to get good

seats. She got us 4th row seats. The very first concert I went to with friends was Jack Wagner. We had seats in the nose bleeds but that was ok We were excited just to hear him live.

MDS: These days, who are some of the performers/songs you enjoy listening to?

Kiss: I have a hard time picking favorite performers or songs. Music speaks to my heart and soul. If a song makes me smile and happy, I like it :)

MDS: Who are some of your favorite performers in SecondLife?

Kiss: It really is hard to name just a few singers. Other than Flick, friends and family, music is what brings me enjoyment in SL.

Satin & Erin .. I enjoy going to their shows in general. I always have so much with my family and friends at their shows.

Dirty Dee Sweetwater .. Dirty has a special place in my heart. I met Flick at a Dirty Dee show. I love when DD sings Prince and Ride on. How could I forget the one and only Marqs DeSade! I love your original songs and the way you sing my favorites. Sunday nights at your place has become a special way to end our weekends.

MDS: It's always great to see you and Flick at any of my shows. :) Have you attended a Real Life concert or live music performance recently?

Kiss: The last live concert I went to was back in 2017. I went to see Bon Jovi in Detroit at

the Joe Louis Arena. It was an amazing concert. One of the best parts was singing all my favorite songs with the rest of the crowd. So easy to get caught up in the moment and get swept away with the music.

MDS: Thank you for sharing your thoughts, Kiss!


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